An undine, which refers to a nymph, sprite, or ghost in water, is more told in fiction and tales. The land where we live undergoes development, consumption, reconstruction and creation ceaselessly, but the world beneath the sea seems still unknown to us. In fact, human activities have far gone beyond the land and the development of deep oceans has ushered a new era. However, pollution caused by overdevelopment of land and oceans has gravely affected the ecological balance of the ocean world. The voice of unknown and ignorant, and public and environmental concerns echo with the contemporary industrial demands.

Besides the cliché that we must leave a good environment to our children, the more important thing is that we must make it clear who we are now and will be in the future and to the world. Now we act as a destroyer to the ecological world – the seemingly physical pollution is being upgraded into a spiritual one. We have left quite a few subjective memories to the world. While our behavioral genes are shifting into the impressive genes of other creatures towards us, it is turning us from a man to a ghost. This is not only an influence on the ocean world, but also inestimable damages to the new world outlook for human beings.

In the contemporary era, “we” shall neither be a nymph, sprite, or ghost in the world, nor unreal story or tale.






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