Forms and Colors by Poti
Sun Hsiaotung

Poti, also known as Zheng Zhihua, a well-know musician, is also a painter. 2018 is a special year for the artist: the 30th anniversary of his release the first album, and the first solo exhibition at Asian Art Works in Beijing, China. A long creative road has been always seemed to be smooth and natural for him who has been passionate about music and art. However, the journey was full of challenges and wonderful things at the same time.

For the artist, the inspiration for all creations comes from the talent; he believes that art provides people with a perspective of review and painting is a way to satisfy another self. In his painting, “feeling” is important, so in the process of preparation for the works, he draws very precise sketches. In the content of the work, he advocates that the art is to address and solve the problem of all human beings. Therefore, art should not have geographical or national restrictions. What is implied in his painting, behind the cute and funny characters, is his mood for the contemporary environment. He uses a black humorous ironic metaphor as a way of speaking: a peaceful surface with an inner anger and dissatisfaction. This is not only clever, witty and artful side of the artist, but also the true attitude of honesty of him.

Poti never positioned himself in certain categories of art. The only word that could identify his concept of creation is the word “contemporary.” He combined the rebellion of his own soul with the spirit of the reflection of contemporary art, and accumulated them. It is nothing more than the image of "human" on the paintings - the effect of simple images on the screen is not entirely clear in the sense of interpretation. The “man” who has disillusioned expressions and distorted body and face appearances in the paintings brings unique visual experience to the audiences. It also echoes the inner conflict and unrest of the artist. From my point of view, the highlight of this exhibition is that the artist combines extreme passion and rationality, and at the same time the joys, sorrows, emotions, and bizarreness in life and transforms them into shapes and colors to show the world.





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