Art Record means that an interplay between musical works and artistic concepts is used to create unlimited possibilities. Music is deeply rooted in the artistic works to show a more three-dimensional artistic expressional space and a new musical carrier. It is not only a unique interpretation by arts to the connotation of musical works and social influences, but also a vocal contact with the artistic works.

With their first album Above the Moon, a musical pioneer of popular folk styles, Phoenix Legend has integrated folk songs, electronic music and raps, and has combined folk and popular singing. The music of Phoenix Legend exerts rich and huge influences on culture in contemporary life. The music duo has played an unprecedented role of spearheading in the urban and rural areas involved, square dances that they have led, film and entertainment activities that have been penetrated. So we see that Phoenix Legend belongs the contemporary era and that their cooperation with Art Record is a reasonable necessity.

Sense Qi Xing
Arts are those sensory things: they can be visual, but not necessarily be drawings; they can be audio, but not necessarily be music; they can be of taste, such as the medium rare steak and Tianjin flavor savory Chinese crepes; and they can be calligraphs completed by old men with water on the ground. The most vivid status of arts is in life and prior to concepts.

Soil Song Chen
Phoenix Legend, the duo from a local urban and rural area, hopes to integrate the folk songs and popular styles in a magical manner, with geographic popularity and culturally legendary penetration being marveled by people. They feature an artistic expression style born out of soil, which matches with my “soil art”. The wild and amazing soil vitality is key to the internal energy of soil arts.

Genuineness Zhao Yunfei
Discover a surprise in the beauty of imperfection. I believe genuineness, instead of beauty, is necessarily reflected in the contemporary arts. What I expect is the genuineness and innocence. I come close to the most genuine part of myself all my life.

Digitalization Nie Xiaoguang
The images and sounds nowadays have been digitalized. They can be deemed as figures or different forms of figures, without essential difference. The expression means that could not be realized or imagined have come true. Like genic mutation, digitalization brings an evolution of presentation and expression means.

Asian Art Works
Music enters contemporary life via arts while arts become available to the public via music.








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