Beauty is everywhere. Everything is beautiful as it is. The artist, Sook Jin Jo, finds beauty from found materials and creates new aesthetics from them.

The ‘Shanghai Black’ series are assemblages made from salvaged pieces of plywood. Jo looks for beauty that no one else finds and transforms it into great works of art. Plywood in different shapes that were made in different places at different times for different purposes come together and create a textured relief. It changes its form and makes a new history. The process of the rebirth of the plywood is the process of finding unrevealed beauty.

‘Beyond the Clouds’, painted with watercolor, gouache, ink and collaged on rice paper, shows a notion of Asian beauty. From old times in Asian philosophy, clouds in the sky symbolize an ideal world of human beings that live together with nature. This series shows a longing for this utopia. It also represents the beauty of space and moderation that interconnects with western minimalism and abstraction at the same time.

‘Frames’ overwhelms audiences as they walk into the gallery space. Made with countless empty frames that were once filled with memories, ‘Frames’ conveys stories and feelings of the past to viewers, and then becomes the present moment. ‘Frames’ is not only an installation, but an interactive theatrical piece.

Korean-born New York based artist Sook Jin Jo presents a discernment of the world we live in throughout her work. Consumer culture that leads to dissipation, pollution and the endless desires of human beings are the issues that the artist deals with. Especially the series executed in Shanghai where she was recently in residency. These works reflect the characteristics of the city: complexities of East and West, old and new, socialism and capitalism.

Asian Art Works Beijing curates Sook Jin Jo’s solo exhibition ‘Rebirth’ to bring awareness to all the beauty we are missing in life - to enlighten us to the cycle of life of all creations.






此次由Asian Art Works Beijing举办的趙婌眞个展《Rebirth》,拷问了在社会大环境消费中

张幽丽 Yuree Jang, Asian Art Works Director

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