Heart and Soul
By Yuree Jang

If Park Hyesook's works are defined as one word, 'love' is the one that can describe them. In Park's paintings, there are the love between lovers, the love for the humanity, the love for the nature, and as well as the affection and love for her own paintings are shown. It is not a simple love story that is told from the surfaces of canvas; it is the joy, bliss, sorrow and memories of true love that come from deep down in the artist's heart that delivers to audiences through the works.
"Baghdad, New York" was painted after the tragic event happened on September 11th, 2001. In this painting, a golden jar spurting out an intense stream is placed in the space which reminds of angel’s wings. It has a message for human beings: “Vengeance is mine, not yours. Love one another as I love you.” This phrase from the bible in a brightly shining golden jar is the artist's response to 9.11 terror. It shows Park’s longing for love, humanity and peace instead of war, vengeance, threat or suffering. In front of this master piece, all the greed and avarice that human beings have are useless.
In the series of "Kiss", the nature comes together and takes form of two figures. The man and woman kiss each other and put their heads together. With looking at each other, they are communicating with a language of love which makes viewers feel so warm. "Kiss" series that highlight color fields with intense colors are very powerful yet calm, and plane but have depth in it. In "You and Me", the man and woman are looking at the sky embroidered with colorful flame. The sky is flamboyant and resplendent filled with ecstasy and joy of love. Park communicates with a symbolic language of love with the viewers.
Park is an emotional painter. Her paintings are filled with her passion and love that reflect the artist, and her life and story are melted into them. Her paintings are reminiscent of memories of joy and happiness of love, and embrace its sorrow. It is because her paintings are not exaggerated, however, it is truthful and sedate. Park's painting is a combination of the western abstract painting and the eastern philosophy which makes the artist’s own esthetics. Moreover, Park's works are abstract and figurative at the same time. Her brush stroke is rough, yet soft. It is primitive but also modern and elegant, simple but colorful, and huge but clam and cozy. Park's paintings, which are pure and ardent, just look-alike to the artist herself and create an impression quietly, yet so deeply.


"Baghdad New York" 是于2001年9月11日美国发生惨剧后完成的。这幅长度约6m的大型作品如同天使翅膀,其中用金黄色坛子盛起的一道水流似乎传递着它要带给人类的信息。‘Vengeance is mine, not yours. Love one another as I love you (复仇是我的,不是你的。彼此相爱,就如我爱你们一样)’ 作品中被蛇和火柱的攻击下也依然闪闪发光的金黄色坛子中写着这样一句话,那是艺术家对9.11恐怖袭击事件的回应。不要战争而是和平;不要复仇而是爱;不要危险和苦难而是为着安定的爱等等的渴望如实的纪录在作品里。在这幅作品面前,所有人类渺小的欲望变得无知而又可笑。

"Kiss"系列作品描绘了一对男女在土地与水、土地与天、以及月亮与太阳的相遇中接吻。相互凝望并聆听爱情语言的恋人模样让冰冷的心感受温暖。被强烈的色彩空间所强调的 "Kiss" 系列虽然华丽,却可以让人在寂静中感受作品的深度。艺术家将东方的思想融入西方的抽象绘画方式中,创造了属于自己的独特美学。"You and Me" 描绘的是一对男女凝视着绽放绚丽烟花的天空,可以说是用爱情的欢乐和喜悦填满的华丽绝伦的作品。艺术家用爱情这个象征性的单词与观者对话。


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