Red and Green, the two complementary colors, are definitely the most representative color combination of the Northeastern China: so out of style but cocky. The contrast of two colors inspired me the new perspective of music, ‘Second Hand Rose’, in my rebellious youth.
The reason why I was inspired by these red and green instead of fancy colors is that they represent the primitive beauty of my hometown. That is what I pursue. The exhibition, Red and Green, is not only the creation drawn from my past, but also the new journey for me, from my hometown to the new land, as well as the new interpretation of the hometown in the new land.
All these memories are embodied into this exhibition. I simply used red and green: combination of my old memories and the modern conflicts applied in the art works.
People say that it is stupid to match red with green. Yes, that is right. But it is the wildness that I have always been addicted to. (Excerpted from the artist statement)

June 4th, 2013
Liang Long

大红大绿,两种冲突的颜色关系无疑是中国东北最具代表性的色彩组合。配在一起,既土的掉渣又佯装得意。这种冲突像“嬉笑怒骂、装神弄鬼”的东北民间曲艺 “二人转”,让我刻板、叛逆而晦涩的摇滚青春,在蜕变前找到柳暗花明的音乐主张——“二手玫瑰”;这种冲突像东北田间地头的大“秧歌队”,自然纯朴地用红花配绿叶去搭配自己欢乐的衣裳。我选择在舞台上摒弃皇帝的新衣穿上了土特的红绿,也正是想要这种原汤化原食的味觉分泌。不比时尚的流言和前卫的蜚语,只为对你性感的简单粗犷。



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