The girls on Wang Zhijie’s paintings appear as the women who live in a modern life and have their own belief and characteristics. They wear chic clothes, extravagant jewelries and exquisite make-up, and show off their charm and rebelliousness in canvas without any discipline or rules. Through the girls’ tempting but confident and fearless eyes, they give out a sense of braveness and dignity. Sometimes, these girls are even armed with dangerous weapons and military uniform-like outfits to show that they are strong enough to be themselves. In addition, the luxury decorations in the paintings exist as a part of the girls’ self-expression. They live in the modern life and enjoy material wealth but keep their innocent faces, which are hidden behind the extravagant appearance. They are independent and self-confident, and simply insist that they enjoy their own lifestyles.

Wang skillfully blends his understanding of art with outstanding painting techniques to create a flawlessly rendered expression. His girls are the realization of the ideal and reality. Facing material temptation, the artist provides a new and positive perspective to the new world through his works: “Accept it but do not let it dominate your life.” If you do not have the power to change the world, the best thing you can do is to be yourself.

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